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Kuidas liigume edasi elektriautode turul? –
The electric mobility revolution - DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!

The electric mobility revolution - DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!

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About this report

Explore the future of mobility with Kantar's insightful report, "Electric Mobility: A Global and Local Perspective on Prospects for Electric Vehicles." Discover how the automotive industry is transforming, driven by advancements in autonomous driving, connected cars, shared mobility, and the electrification of vehicles. Gain a deep understanding of the global adoption of electric vehicles in key markets such as China, Germany, India, and the US. To access further information, download the report at no cost.

Report covers the following:

  • Intention to Purchase a New Vehicle
  • Preferences Regarding Types of Engines
  • Global challenges
  • Countries analysis – Germany, USA, India, China
  • Conclusions


Data from Kantar’s Planet Pulse and Kantar Profiles surveys.


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