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Most Reputable Employers in ICT Sector 2019 –
Most Reputable Empolyers in ICT Sector
Preview of the Report of The Most Reputable Employers in ICT Sector in Estonia

Most Reputable Employers in ICT Sector 2019

Kantar Emor
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Produced by Kantar Emor

February-March 2019

Language: English (Original title: IKT-sektori tööandjate maine 2019)

Format: .pdf

The survey answers the following questions:

  • What is the dream job for IT employees and what are the actual choices?
  • Which are the most important criteria in choosing an employer; what is valued about the job and the employer the most?
  • Which company is the best employer in Estonia in the eyes of IT employees? Who is the first choice as an employer and why?
  • Which companies’ job offers are they prepared to consider?

Table of contents

  1. Introduction: survey objective and content
  2. Work experience and income
  3. Expectations towards job and choice of employer
  4. Most preferred IT employers in Estonia
  5. Appendix

List of companies mapped:

Adcash | ADM Interactive | Axinom | Bigbank | CGI | Cleveron | Columbus | Creative Mobile | Cybernetica | Datel | Derivco | Eesti Energia | Elisa | Ericsson Eesti | Finestmedia | Fujitsu Estonia | Genius Sports Services | Guardtime | Helmes | Icefire | Industry62 | Kühne + Nagel | LHV | Luminor | Monese Ltd Eesti | Mooncascade | MYJAR IT | Net Group | Nortal | Omniva | Pipedrive | Playtech | Proekspert | Reach-U | Registrite ja Infosüsteemide Keskus (RIK) | Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet (RIA) | Santa Monica Networks | Saule IT Services | SEB Pank | Skype/Microsoft | Siseministeeriumi Infotehnoloogia- ja Arenduskeskus (SMIT) | Starship Technologies | Swedbank | Symantec | Zeroturnaround | Taxify | Tele2 | Telia | Tieto Estonia | Transferwise | Trinidad Wiseman | Twilio | Veriff


CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)

Target group: The survey was conducted among employees working as specialists in the IT field. IT managers were not included. The following channels were used to find respondents: cooperation with CV Online, professional conferences, companies, recruitment via social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) and using the snowball method.

The report includes dynamics (results from 2017, 2019)

Sample: 852 IT specialists  

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