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Top Brands in Estonia 2019 - DOWNLOAD FOR FREE! –
Top Brands in Estonia 2019 - DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!
Top Brands in Estonia 2019 - DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!

Top Brands in Estonia 2019 - DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!

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Produced by Kantar Emor

Language: Estonian (Original title: Brändide edetabel 2019)

Format: .pdf

About this report

It's hard to imagine marketing without a brand. This report delivers insights to brand strategists and marketing professionals by giving a landscape map of brand prominence and growth opportunities in Estonia.

Annual track survey of Kantar (EE since 2009), that ranks well-known brands of different fields by liking*.

The study gives an overview of the cross-sectoral brand preference of Estonian people, helping to understand trends and providing both input and feedback on brand management in the long run.

Report shows:

  1. Spontaneously mentioned favourite brands;
  2. Ranking of most favourite brands based on the brand list with logos;
  3. Most liked brands by broader share of preferrers;
  4. Most liked brands among people with a certain set of values (Consumer CV). 

Report includes short summary of the results.



CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) conducted once a year.

Target group: Estonian people in ages 15–74.

Sample size: at least 1000


*Brand list 2019


A. Le A. Le Coq , Activia, Adidas, Alexela, Alibaba, Alma ,Amazon, Apollo, Apotheka, Apple, Armani,Audi, Aura, Balbiino, Baltman, Bauhof, Benu, BMW, Bosch, Canon, Chilli, Circle K, Coca-Cola, Coop, Coop Pank, Delfi, Dell, Diil, Dior, Disney, Dormeo, Dove, Ecco, Eckerö line, Eesti Draamateater, Eesti Ekspress, Eesti Loto, Eesti Pagar, Electrolux, Elisa, ERM, ERR, ETV, Euronics, Facebook, Farmi, Fazer, Felix, Forum Cinemas, Gillette, Gmail, Google, H&M, Hansapost, Honda, Huawei, Hugo Boss, If, Ikea, Instagram, iPhone, JYSK, Kalev, Kanal 2, Kaubamaja, Kaup24, Kristiine Keskus, KUMU, L´oreal, Lego, Leibur, Lenovo, Lexus, LG, LHV, Lindex, Lipton, Luminor, Lõunakeskus, Maaleht, Makita, Maks & Moorits, Mamma, Martini, Maxima, McDonald`s, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Monton, Mosaic, Neste, Netflix, New Yorker, Nike, Nikon, Nivea, Nokia, Olerex, Omniva, Paulig, PBK, Philips, Piletilevi, Postimees, Premia, Prisma Peremarket, Puma, Põltsamaa, PÖFF, Raadio Elmar, Raadio Kuku, Rademar, Raffaello, Rahva Raamat, Rahvusooper Estonia, Rakvere, Rannarootsi, Red Bull, Reserved, Rimi, Rocca al Mare keskus, Saaremaa LT, Saaremaa PT, Saku Õlletehas, Salvest, Samsung, SEB, Selver, Sky Plus, Skype, Smart Post, Solaris, Sony, Sportland, Sportsdirect, Spotify, Star FM, Stockmann, Stokker, Swedbank, Zara, T1, Tallegg, Tallink, Tallinna Linnateater, Tallinna Ülikool, Taltech (Tallinna Tehnikaülikool), Tartu Mill, Tartu Ülikool, Taxify (Bolt),Teeme ära, Tele 2, Telia, Tere, Tesla, Toyota, TV 3, Viasat, Vikerraadio, Viking Line, Volkswagen, Wolt, Ülemiste keskus, YouTube


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