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Produced by Kantar Emor

October 2023

Language: Estonian (Original title: Jaeseire)

Format: MS Power BI


About this report

This report gives an overview of the competitive situation and its trends between the food retail chains in Estonia. By focusing on awareness and buying, you’ll get insights of the most popular food retailers and the changes happened in competition over the last years.

Information provided in this report is aimed at executives and marketing professionals of retail companies, food producers and importers.

Table of contents

  1. Summary of results
  2. Buying frequency of food products in 2019–2023
  3. Spontaneous awareness of food retail chains in 2019–2023
  4. The biggest advertisers among retail chains in 2018–2023
  5. Width of customer base in last two weeks (incl. results in the breakdown of socio-demographical segments as region, age group, nationality, income per person last month) in 2021–2023
  6. Most frequent/loyal customer base in 2021–2023
  7. Socio-demographical profile of main customers of bigger retail chains (Maxima, Rimi, Selver, Coop, Prisma, Grossi toidukaubad) in 2021– Socio-demographical profile includes gender, age group, nationality, region, settlement type, income per person last month
  8. Market and brand forces of retail chains (Conversion Model)
  9. Image and image trend
  10. Spontaneous connections of retail chains

Brands surveyed in the study:

▪ Coop

▪ Delice

▪ Selver

▪ Rimi

▪ Maxima

▪ Prisma

▪ Lidl

▪ Meie

▪ Grossi Toidukaubad

▪ Stockmann

▪ Kaubamaja Toidumaailm

▪ Market (Turg)

▪ Gas station  (Bensiinijaam)


CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) conducted once a year.

Target group: Estonian people aged 15–74.

The report includes dynamics with previous years.

Sample: 1024.


Technical info

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