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NPS Benchmark 2024 –
NPS Benchmark 2024
NPS Benchmark 2024
NPS Benchmark 2024

NPS Benchmark 2024

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Produced by Kantar Emor

Language: Estonian (Original title: Soovitusindeksi NPS Benchmark 2024)

Format: MS Power BI


About this report

The NPS Benchmark survey report gives a general and comparative overview of the customer experience level of different service companies in Estonia. Based on the underlying NPS methodology, rankings of companies and sectors are built on recommendation ratings from recent customer experiences. This year’s data includes also rankings of online services of various sectors.

Information provided in this report is aimed at customer experience and marketing professionals from a variety of different sectors.


Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Summary
  3. Total ranking of individual companies 2017–2024
  4. NPS comparison of years
  5. Average NPS scores of sectors 2017–2024
  6. Rankings of companies across different sectors 2017–2021
  7. Rankings of online channels 2024
  8. NPS of your company and main competitors 2017-2024
  9. Open comments as word cloud to your and main competitors’ service



CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) conducted once a year.

Target group: Estonian people aged 15–74.

The report includes dynamics (2017–2024) in certain sections.

Sample: 2000 Estonian inhabitants, representative sample.     


Technical info

This report is delivered electronically as interactive Power BI dashboards.

The access link to the Power BI report is sent to your e-mail address within 2 business days after the payment has been successfully verified. The user license is for inter-company use only and this license is linked with one user (one email). The access link is active for 365 days from the send-out date. For every additional user, extra charges apply.

**VAT is added to the price at the checkout before the payment is completed.

This price is for access to the data for one year.

This is a market research report. Usage terms and policies apply to the content. Please read these carefully before ordering.


List of sectors and companies mapped in 2024

  1. Grocery stores: Coop, Maxima, Prisma, Rimi, Selver, Lidl
  2. Bookstores: Apollo, Rahva Raamat
  3. Pharmacies: Apotheka, BENU apteek, Euroapteek, Südameapteek
  4. Gas stations: Alexela, Neste, Olerex, Circle K, Terminal
  5. Telecommunications: Elisa, STV, Tele2, Telia
  6. Banking: Bigbank, LHV Pank, Luminor, SEB, Swedbank, Coop Pank, Holm, Inbank, TFbank, Esto
  7. Insurance: ERGO, If, PZU, Salva, Seesam, Swedbank P&C Kindlustus, BTA Kindlustus, Gjensidige, Compensa, Iizi
  8. Infrastructure: Elektrilevi, Eesti Energia, Eesti Gaas, Tallinna Vesi, Alexela, Elektrum, 200 Energia, Utilitas, Viru Keemia Grupp
  9. Cinemas: Apollo Kino, Cinamon, Artis
  10. Parcel services: Omniva, Smartpost Itella, DPD
  11. Ships: Tallink, Eckerö Line, Viking Line
  12. Passenger transport: Elron, LuxExpress, Taisto, GoBus, Hansa Liinid, MK Autobuss
  13. Private clinics: Confido, Synlab, Medicum, City Tervisekliinik, Meliva, Fertlitas, Medita


Banking (incl. e-channels) | Book Stores | Grocery Stores (incl. e-channels) | Infrastructure | Insurance | Logistics/Parcel Services (incl. e-channels) | Pharmacies (incl. e-channels) | Pet Shops | Petrol Stations | Telecom (incl. e-channels) | Funiture Stores | Electronics Stores | Private Clinics | Passenger Transport | Ships | Pet Stores | Cinemas

List of companies mapped in 2024

Coop | Maxima | Prisma | Rimi | Selver | Lidl | Apollo | Rahva Raamat | Apotheka | BENU apteek | Euroapteek | Südameapteek | Alexela | Neste | Olerex | Circle K | Terminal | Elisa | STV | Tele2 | Telia | Bigbank | LHV Pank | Luminor SEB | Swedbank | Coop Pank |ERGO | If | PZU| Salva | Seesam | Swedbank P&C Kindlustus | BTA Kindlustus | Gjensidige | Elektrilevi | Eesti Energia | Eesti Gaas | Tallinna Vesi | Alexela | Elektrum | 200 Energia | Utilitas | Viru Keemia Grupp | Apollo Kino | Cinamon | Artis | Omniva | Smartpost Itella | DPD | Tallink | Eckerö Line | Viking Line | Elron | LuxExpress | Taisto | GoBus | Hansa Liinid | MK Autobuss | Confido | Synlab | Medicum | City Tervisekliinik | Qvalitas | Fertlitas | Medita | Holm | Inbank | TFbank | Esto | Compensa | Iizi