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Estonian marketing practices 2024: key marketing indicators, prioritie –
Estonian marketing practices 2024: key marketing indicators, priorities and future plans
Estonian marketing practices 2024: key marketing indicators, priorities and future plans

Estonian marketing practices 2024: key marketing indicators, priorities and future plans

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About this report

Engaging daily with marketing managers from various fields, we're often asked whether we have insights into how other Estonian marketers plan their activities and make decisions. In order to address these questions, we initiated a panel of Estonian marketing experts for the first time in 2021. This initiative aimed to provide an overview of the primary indicators in the marketing landscape, facilitating numerical comparisons with companies' practices and future plans. The second panel survey was conducted in 2022. In the current year, 2024, we continued with the third wave of the study.

Table of contents


  1. Background characteristics of the marketers who participated in the study
  2. Background characteristics of the companies participating in the study
  3. Marketing budget and growth strategy
    • Marketing budget planning starting points
    • Size of marketing budgets and share of turnover
    • Distribution of marketing costs
    • Key metrics of brand marketing position
    • Marketing Budget Use: Brand vs. Campaign
    • Plans for the marketing budget for the next year
    • Company growth strategy
  4. Marketing measures
    • Use of marketing measures
    • Share of marketing measures in the budget
    • Plans for spending on marketing activities for the next year
  5. Media channels
    • Media advertising: share of traditional vs. digital channels
    • Use of traditional media channels
    • Shares of traditional media channels
    • Use of digital media channels
    • Shares of social media channels
    • Plans for next year in terms of traditional and digital media
    • The most effective media channel


Survey method: CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)

Target group: Marketing managers from different fields on Estonian market

Sample: 61 representatives of the target group

The report presents comparisons with year 2022 survey data and partially with data form 2021.


About the Sample

The panel of marketing experts represents both major fields of activity and sectors (secondary and tertiary sectors), with the trade and entertainment sector being the most represented.

The data in this report can be conveniently analyzed based on the company's focus of activity (B2B or B2C), company age (under 20 years or over 20 years), number of employees (under 50 or over 50 employees), and sector (primarily secondary or tertiary).


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