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Car Brand Health in Estonia 2005-2024 –
Car Brand Health in Estonia 2005-2024
Car Brand Health in Estonia 2005-2024
Car Brand Health in Estonia 2005-2024
Car Brand Health in Estonia 2005-2024
Car Brand Health in Estonia 2005-2024
Car Brand Health in Estonia 2005-2024

Car Brand Health in Estonia 2005-2024

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March 2024

Language: English

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About this report

How well consumers understand the values that the automotive brands represent and what are the key aspects when choosing a new car?

     The report will give an overview of the following:

·       Which position does your make have in car buyers’ mind? Funnel from
top-of-mind awareness, spontaneous awareness, aided awareness, level of knowledge to consideration and most preferred position

·       What are the strengths and weaknesses of your make image? Trends 2005 – 2024 in image profile. Brand image heat map compared to the competitors by 14 statements.

·       What are the most important aspects when choosing a new car? Information sources and important factors. How has consumers’ demand for greener and more economical cars developed? Preferred fuel and body type of the next car.

·       What are levers and barriers for EVs? Opinions about advantages. Main concerns and painpoints – electric cars and charging.

   Table of contents

  1. Methodology
  2. Contents
  3. Top-of-mind and spontaneous awareness 2005-2024
  4. Knowledge
  5. Considered car makes 2005-2024
  6. Funnels from knowledge to top preference
  7. Loyalty to the current make
  8. Overall impression 2005-2024
  9. Image heat maps, premium and mainstream makes
  10.  Ranking of the makes by 14 image statements 2016-2024
  11. Important aspects when choosing a new car
  12. Preferred body types now and in future
  13. Preferred information sources
  14. Fuel preference
  15. Importance of fuel consumption and CO2 emission
  16. Electric cars’ benefits – 2022-2024, fans vs others
  17. Electric cars’ pain points – 2022-2024, fans vs others

List of car makes included in the survey:

Premiums: Audi | BMW | Land Rover/Range Rover | Lexus | Mercedes-Benz | Porsche | Volvo

Non-premiums: Dacia | Citroën | CUPRA | Ford | Honda | Hyundai | Kia | Mazda | Nissan | Opel | Peugeot | Renault | SEAT | Subaru | Škoda | Toyota | Volkswagen


CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) conducted every two years.

Target group: Persons who use up to 7 years old car and did purchasing decision in level of car make selection by themselves or intend to buy a new first hand car during following 12 months. 

A sample of 700 target group members will be interviewed in each Baltic country (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). In total 2100 respondents.

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