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E-commerce Track 2020

Kantar Emor
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Produced by Kantar Emor

June 2020

Language: Estonian (Original title: E-kaubanduse seire 2020)

Format: .pdf

About this report

This report gives an overview of the online purchasing trends in Estonia. By focusing on 16 product groups, you’ll get insights into each of their online-offline and domestic-foreign commerce proportions plus the changes over the last years.

Information provided in this report is mainly aimed at executives and marketing professionals of retail companies, but also anyone interested in online shopping developments.

Table of contents

  1. Summary of results
  2. How big part of Estonian 15-74-year-olds have purchased something online, and how frequently during the past year
  3. Socio-demographic Profile of Frequent Online Shoppers in the breakdown of gender, age group, nationality, domicile, and net income per family member
  4. Buying different product groups from Online Shops during the past year
  5. Online purchasers’ Socio-Demographical Profile within different product groups
  6. Regular and E-commerce estimated percentages in different product groups
  7. Domestic vs Foreign e-shops’ estimated percentages in different product groups

Product groups covered (16 in total)

  • women’s clothing
  • men’s clothing
  • children’s clothing
  • toys
  • footwear
  • sports goods
  • cosmetics
  • perfumes
  • electronics
  • furnishing and furniture
  • medications
  • books
  • food/groceries
  • tickets (theatre, cinema, concert, etc.)
  • garden goods
  • repair goods (construction materials, tools)


CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) conducted once a year.

Target group: Estonian people aged 15-74

The report includes dynamics (results from 2014-2020)

Sample: at least 1000

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