Competition of Shopping Centres in Tallinn
Competition of Shopping Centres in Tallinn 2020

Competition of Shopping Centres in Tallinn 2020

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October 2020

Language: Estonian (Original Title: Tallinna kaubanduskeskuste konkurentsiseire)

Format: .pdf

About this report

This report gives an overview of the competitive situation and its trends between the shopping centers and department stores in Tallinn. By focusing on awareness and visiting, you’ll get insights of the most popular shopping places and the changes happened in competition over the last years.

Information provided in this report is aimed at executives & marketing professionals working in retail companies plus also to retail real estate development companies.

Table of contents

  1. Summary of results
  2. Spontaneous awareness of manufactured goods’ purchasing places
  3. Spontaneous awareness of major manufactured goods’ purchasing places in the breakdown of age, gender and nationality.
  4. Width of the customer base (purchasing goods) in the last two months of major shopping places
  5. Socio-demographic profile of customer base of major shopping places (gender, age, nationality, household size, district/region, income per person in last month, education)
  6. Overlap of customer base
  7. Total width of the customer base (purchasing goods and services) in the last two months of major shopping places
  8. The best place to buy manufactured goods.

Brand list  

Arsenali Keskus | Foorum | Idakeskus | Järve Keskus | Kristiine Keskus | Lasnamäe Centrum | Magistrali Keskus | Mustakivi Keskus | Mustamäe Keskus | Mustika Keskus | Nautica Keskus | Postimaja Keskus | Rocca la Mare Keskus | Rotermanni Kvartal | Sikupilli Keskus | Solaris | Stockmann | Stroomi Keskus | T1 Mall of Tallinn | Tallinna Kaubamaja | Tähesaju City | Viru Keskus | Ülemiste keskus


CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) conducted once a year.

Target group: People aged 15–74 and living in Tallinn and Harjumaa.

Sample: 1000

Technical info

This report is delivered electronically as .pdf format file and consists of 19 pages.

The report includes dynamics (results from 2018–2020)

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